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“We needed the network rolled out by Monday morning with the new machines and servers deployed and RHK Systems came in and worked steadfastly, implanting the new network, rolled out the new machines, everything was up and running by start of business Monday morning.” 

Dr. M Mahesri

CEO, Plus Care

“We have structured our departments to follow the lifecycle of IT, including application delivery and application management, which is exactly what the RHK Systems Control Center provides. RHK Systems has enabled us to provide consistent customer satisfaction through peak periods and lower our overall investment in IT by increasing our quality and focus on the critical functions of our business while they manage our IT.” 

Jeffery Renton


"I am totally impressed with RHK Systems computer service, especially with our local representative. He is very easy to listen to and very easy to understand. He is also a good teacher. He spent many hours with our computer last week and I appreciate that. One of the many other things that I like about RHK Systems is their easy going attitude and the most important factor of all is that they are very supportive of our company's needs."

Marketing Manager

Real Estate Office 

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